February 27, 2022 by
Petr Zeman
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We now offer a trailed roller for tractor. As is traditional for us, the construction is welded from steel pieces and fitted with turned parts. The basic roller weighs approximately 3 Kg and can be fitted with tear-off rails in case dirt or anything else sticks to the roller. Due to our nature of always bringing something extra, the base roller is equipped with a mount for expansion rollers.

The extension rollers are made in the same way as the base roller and are attached with a special coupling that allows for several attachment methods.

Compact connection

The first method is a fixed attachment of the rollers located behind the base roller - The intended use for this attachment is for transporting the rollers to the field. (Picture 1)The second method allows free movement of the expansion rollers when placed behind the base roller - This is suitable for in-depth rolling of small areas as each spot is rolled twice in one pass.  (Picture 4)

Extended connection

The other two methods are variations on the previous fit, except that the expansion rollers extend sideways.

3. The third method is a fixed fit with the extension rollers to the side - This arrangement finds application in larger fields with very soft subsoil.  (Picture 2)4. The fourth and final method is the flexible sideways mounting of the extension rollers - This this options offers smaller turning radius compared to the fixed mounting.  (Picture 3)

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