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Petr Zeman
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We now have a range of tractor mounted cultivators in the scale 1:14 to 1:16. In this article we will introduce the parts of the cultivator and its accessories. Some are already on offer, some are almost ready for production as will be indicated in this text and some are still only at the concept stage on paper.


The entire cultivator consists of two assemblies. The first and most important assembly is the main frame to which a second assembly of the rear frame can be attached. As is usual with our models, we offer a wide range of modifications and adaptations that can be used to customize the cultivator.

A cultivator is a piece of agricultural equipment that is used to work the soil. Real cultivators mix and break up the soil before sowing in order to aerate and prepare smooth, loose soil for sowing. Cultivators can also be used after crops have begun to grow to control weeds.

Main frame

The main frame is attached to the rear arms of the tractor using a third point linkage. This adapter can be used on more models as we use linkage with same dimensions across all our products. In this case, the triangle-shaped adapter is chosen as the default, as we feel it fits the cultivator a little better than our T-Shape adapter.

The frame allows the coulters to be mounted in several ways using the ready-made mounting points. Each mounting consists of two upper plates and one lower plate. This method prevents the torsion and buckling of the plough brackets, but allows vertical movement of the plough when using the appropriate holder. We currently offer point coulters for very hard soils with lower pulling drag and wing coulters for medium-hard soils with higher pulling drag and better soil loosening.

The beams, made of steel laser cutouts, are lightened in many places and the whole frame is reinforced with a diagonal strut. This makes the frame itself very strong despite the considerable lightening. Thanks to several tapped holes and additional mounting points, the main frame is ready for mounting future attachments and also for adding a rear frame.

Rear frame

This frame, or rather mechanism, can be connected to the main frame and is used to mount other attachments to the cultivator. It consists of several levers that allow precise adjustment of the attachments in relation to the coulters. The mechanism can be used to adjust the height of the attachments as well as the position and angle of the attachments in relation to each other.

The rear frame is offered in a long version, where two attachments can be attached behind each other, but a short version for one attachment is also in the works.


Disc coulters direct the soil and help loosen it. In production they are hydraulically pressed from steel plates into a convex shape. The material used makes them abrasion-resistant and very strong due to their shape. The discs are mounted on brackets which rotate them in relation to the direction of movement of the cultivator. They are also tilted for better traction, so they look almost the same as on full-size machines and work just as well.


For the final tillage, we offer a large cage roller. The main advantages of the roller are its rigid all-metal construction, easy cleaning and mounting on the cultivator. The construction is TIG welded from precision laser cuttings and rolled bars. For easy cleaning, the roller can be removed with a single screw and stones that may get inside can be easily ejected.


The range of accessories will be expanded over time. We welcome your ideas for expansion. If your suggested extension is implemented, you will be given a discount code for its purchase as a reward.

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