Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing.


Each product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. In the case of goods manufactured by Zeman model it is one year.
The warranty covers only: manufacturing, shipping or packaging problems.
The warranty does not cover: improper handling of the goods, improper assembly of the goods by the user, improper or inappropriate use of the goods by the user.

Full statement

The items offered in this online store are a selection of Zeman model and third party products.

The warranty of each product is provided by the manufacturer of the product.

Zeman model products are warranted when used properly and in accordance with the instructions provided by Zeman model.

The warranty for Zeman Model products has the following terms and conditions:

  1. The duration of the warranty is one year.
  2. The warranty covers only manufacturing, shipping or packaging problems.

If there is a shipping problem, we must first wait for a response from the shipping company. In this case:

  1. If the shipment is not found and is considered lost, the guarantee applies to the new shipment and the production of the order. The customer will have to decide if they want a refund for the order or if they want a new shipment. If the customer wants a new shipment of the order, he will have to take into account the production and shipping time again. If the customer wants a different shipping method, he will have to pay the difference.
  2. If the shipment is on its way to be delivered to the customer's address, the customer will have to wait for the time specified by the shipping company.
  3. If the package is located but is on its way to be delivered back to us, the problem that caused it will be looked for first. If the customer wishes the shipment to be sent by another shipping company, they will have to pay the difference.


We are not offer any warranty for items assembled, manipulated or used incorrectly by the User.