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 Universal plowshares for all our ploughs with a wide range of modification options.

We offer plowshares for sale separately for your custom plows or with our plows.

4 main parts

Base, holder, mouldboard and share blade


We've got a extensions that  enhance your experience when plowing

Endless possibilities

Gather loose materials into a pile, shovel away or just ride

For both sides

All plowshares are available in both variants – left and right. If you are not ordering the plough shares together with the plough, please specify whether it sould be the right or left version or a combination of both.



Interchangeable parts

Independent boards, knives, body, holder and all additional equipment.

Full board with single share

Slatted board + Single share with integrated knife

Full board + Single share with integrated knife

Slatted with single share

More details

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Steel parts

All our ploughshare parts are made from construction steel, the same material as the real ones. The material used makes our ploughshares stronger than cast brass/silver.

Unprecedented variability

Thanks to the large number of available modifications and additional equipment, our ploughshares offer more than 500 possible combinations of designs. All available in both right and left-hand versions.

Pre-drilled holes

The mounting holes are positioned on the holders using a CNC fiber laser, so every pre-drilled hole is always in the right place.

Painting available

We supply the ploughshares unpainted or in RAL colors as standard. For other surface finishes (galvanizing, chrome plating, powder coating) please contact us.

Backwards compatible

Compatible with our older plows (plows manufactured before 06/2021) and plows from some other manufacturers.


All components are laser cut, ground and, if necessary, bent to the desired shape under a hydraulic press. Some parts are welded in custom-made holders to ensure that each part is the same shape.

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