Rubber wheels

June 17, 2022 by
Petr Zeman
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During the development of the rubber belt, we also devoted some of our energy to the development of rubber wheels. What seemed simple at the beginning became almost a nightmare over time. There was almost nothing left of the original method of production, so a new method had to be found. While simple gravity casting is possible for belt production (but we don't use it either, due to repeatability issue), this method is clearly not an option for wheels production. The wheel must be nice on all sides (except for the inner profile) and especially bubble-free.

We are currently finishing the final mold for the production of the wheel for our semi-mounted plow. We believe that after all the failed attempts, we now have a robust technology for making rubber wheels, so we do not expect any problems in scaling up the wheel dimensions.

Below are some more pictures of the wheel

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