News for the cultivator

March 16, 2022 by
Petr Zeman
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We are excited to present four more ways to adapt the cultivator to your needs. First we'll take a look at the new twin cage rollers, then we'll focus on the short rear mechanism that fits perfectly with the new short coulter holders, and finally we'll take a look at the new universal coulters.

Double cage rollers

We now have two cage rollers with different diameters available for our cultivator. The large cylinder has the same dimensions as the existing cylinder. The small cylinder is made in the same way as its big brother. In addition, the part connecting the rollers to the frame offers either a fixed mount or a swinging mount and it is up to you which you choose for your conditions.

Short rear mechanism

Another new feature is the short rear mechanism for those of you who only want to place one thing behind the main frame. This mechanism offers the same rear tilt options as the standard rear frame, but in a smaller more compact package.

Short plow attachment

In addition, there is now the option to select a short coulter attachment to keep the cultivator's center of gravity as close to the tractor as possible. So even tractors with a weaker three-point linkage can use our cultivator.

New coulters

Last but not least, we also have a new type of coulter. This is a combination of point and wing coulters. These new coulters have the shape of the point coulters but are reinforced with a protector just like the wing coulters. We believe that these coulters are well suited for medium-hard terrain.

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