New modular plowshares

Since the production of one-piece plowshares was very difficult for us, we decided to develop new plowshares.
November 5, 2021 by
Petr Zeman
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Plowshare base

Since we were starting completely from zero, we took a completely different approach than before. The core for our new plough is the base, on which the other parts are screwed. This part is still very production-intensive because one of the parts must be bent precisely under hydraulic press, all the threaded holes must be made and both parts must weld together. The welding is now done in a special fixture that ensures that every base for the new plowshares is the same. After both parts are welded, the weld is ground, and the final polishing of the part is done.


This may seem very complicated, and you may be wondering why do it this complicated? Why not just weld the whole plowshare as before? The following text describing the possibilities of modularity may be the answer. To introduce the different options, we will follow the sequence of mounting the individual elements on the base


The first thing that is added to the base after fabrication is the holder. This comes in two versions, differing in the angle of the arm that attaches the coulter to the plough. Next, the skid plate is screwed onto the base - here too we offer two types. The first type is the full skimmer plate, which can optionally be fitted with an extension at the end, and the second is the belt skimmer plate to reduce resistance when ploughing. The third thing to add to the base is a blade - here again we offer two options that differ in shape.


But it doesn't stop there, longer you can add a passive coulter, subsoiler and crawler reinforcement to the coulter. An inclusion collar and a shape knife are also planned.


All our plowshare parts are made from structural steel, the same material as the actual plows, so the material used makes our plows stronger than cast brass/silver. Thanks to the large number of modifications and accessories available, our plowshares offer more than 500 possible design combinations. Of course, you do not have to buy all modifications at once. For example, you can buy just the basic set and at some point, in the future buy the modifications you like.


The new modular coulters replace our original one-piece coulters and are available in both right and left-hand versions.

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